Cramond Medical Practice



Please take time to read the attached information recently published by Lothian LMC (Local Medical Committee) regarding the struggles faced by GP Practices.  We hope this gives you a better understanding and some insight into the pressures GP Practices are experiencing.  We as a practice are working as hard as possible under extremely stressful circumstances to provide the best possible care for our patients.  

LMC GP Support Letter.pdf


It has been agreed that NO practices in the North West area of Edinburgh will prescribe ADHD medications for NEW patients from private clinics, this is for Adults and Children.  

This does not affect patients who are already currently prescribed ADHD medication.




You will find all the latest practice information here.

CTAC Services

All wound care, suture and clip removal, dopplers, ear irrigation and vaccinations are carried out by CTAC and no longer at the practice.

Patients can self refer for the following procedures on 0300 7906296

  • New wounds including post operation
  • Suture or clip removal (Including post knee and hip replacement)
  • Ear Irrigation 

The practice will make a referral to CTAC for patients who require a doppler.


You will be sent a letter with an appointment time for any vaccination which you are due to receive i.e. shingles, flu, covid etc.  This will include details of where to attend for the vaccination and how to reschedule if the time/place is not suitable.  

Please be aware the practice has no control over any vaccination appointments so in case of any query with a vaccination appointment please call 0131 5377205.